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The Polanti line was first introduced in Los Angeles at the turn of the century and quickly gained fame within the entertainment industry. Polanti watches can now be found on the wrists of Hollywood's finest. Polanti watches are especially prized for their custom look, feel and quality-a remnant and hallmark of the companies beginnings as a premier custom watchmaker. Innovative in design and superior in craftsmanship, Polanti has sold tens of thousands of watches during its first few years in production. Our craftsmen have over 25 years of watch making experience. There is no question we can't answer and nothing in horology that we can't do. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

A Watch for a 21st Century Lifestyle

A watch for all seasons is what the horologists had in mind when they created this sturdy yet elegant, sporty yet graceful piece. The watchmakers scoured for only the most durable Swiss parts and their tough movement shows it, even while packaged in such a clean and elegant case. The result: a watch that truly celebrates a lifestyle.

Polanti endeavored to create a watch for the customers who felt as much at home in a boardroom as on the ski slopes. It's the Range Rover of watches, as useful for a night on the town as it is for a night on mountain trails.

This watch fills an important market niche. "The Polanti customer wants an elegant watch that he or she won't have to take off when they leave the office at the end of the day to go kayaking, or skiing, or yachting, or even home to play with the kids," says the company's president. "We live in a world of super paced technology, so why have two or three watches… one for diving, one for playing sports and going to the gym and one for going out?"

And like the needs of those with diverse lifestyles and eclectic pursuits that this watch will no doubt please, Polanti watches come in a range of colors and styles, from red leather straps to black rubber bands. Most models are available with diamond bezels. It's like wearing that simple black t-shirt under a tuxedo-good for any occasion, ready for any event and always prepared to bolt the black-tie party for a whitewater adventure.